Th. C. Hoogenboom & Zn. is a family run company with over 75 years of experience of growing and cultivating tulips. At our establishment at the Floraweg in Roelofarendsveen, conveniently located close to the flower auction in Aalsmeer and the Schiphol International Airport, we produce tens of millions of tulips annually. Because a large number of the tulips grow from bulbs we cultivate ourself, we are able to consistently maintain a high quality.

A close team of employees ensures all tulips are processed carefully an professionally.We pride ourselves on our service and will customize any order to your specific needs.

During the production period, which runs between September and May, we aim to have at least 5 different colors of tulips available at any time. By carefully selecting bulbs within our own bulb cultivation program and deliberate planning in our bulb purchasing policy, we attempt to have the best available cultivars year after year.

The tulips of Th. C. Hoogenboom & Zn. are sold all over the world. We strive to transport our tulips as fast and efficient as possible, ensuring sustainability of the flowers.